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Let’s get rid of


once and for all.

Oersaa is a small, one person clothing brand that always have sustainability and the environment in mind. I believe high-quality clothing that will have a long life and have a chance to pass on to the next generation (and hopefully one more after that). I don't believe that clothes for children should be divided by gender and instead offer all products to all children.


All fabrics are printed in Lithuania using only OEKO-TEX standard (no harmful chemicals used) certified textiles. The garments are produced in Estonia while the blankets are made in Sweden. By producing both the fabrics and garments in the Baltic states ensures shorter transport-distances than for most of the other producers. All packing materials are made of compostable paper and I minimise the use of plastic, when and where it is possible. 

By buying less cheap, low-quality trendy products and instead do some research and support businesses that follow an environmental-friendly philosophy you’ll take good care of the planet and get a product with a long life. By supporting small scale businesses you support diversity and creative individuals that are driven by their passion.  

Enjoy your product, take good care of it and treat it with respect. Combine your Oersaa product with some second hand shopping and your mini at home will have a closet to be proud of. 



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