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Hello - I’m so happy to see that you’ve found me! Welcome to Oersaa and my little online shop that focus on high-quality children’s clothing with my own prints.


Who am I? I'm a Swedish-speaking Finn, a mom and a designer who loves craftsmanship, beautiful things and the environment. I’m also concerned about the future of the planet and the clothing industry and want to be a part of the change. 

The aim of Oersaa is not to follow fast-moving trends. Instead I want to create prints in small quantities not bound to any season. The prints are timeless and the clothes can be worn all year round. I see print design as a chance to inspire children and tell them a story. Prints that bring joy, spark the imagination and creativity. For me plain one-colored garments do not do the trick - who would be inspired by a blank children's book? 

Joy, sustainability and quality are the main keywords in the companys designprocess.

Clothes should be treated carefully and with more respect. It's a piece of artwork as well as your children’s watercolor paintings hanging on your refrigerator. 



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